SNAP Benefit Estimator

SNAP Benefit Estimate Results

This ESTIMATE is based on your income only! Cost allowed in this estimate may be less than you reported.

You entered the following:

Number in house: 1
Elderly or Disabled members in house: FALSE
Total Income: $0
Rent/Mortgage: $0
Utility: I don't pay utility costs separate from rent.
Dependent Care: $0
Child Support Paid: $0
Medical Costs: $0

Based on your entries, you may qualify for SNAP Benefits up to $192.00.

Please contact the nearest DHS office for more information.

Please go to the office as soon as possible to apply. If eligible, SNAP Benefits may begin on the date the office gets your application.

At the office, staff will interview you and look at your actual income. They also look at other things, such as:  who lives with you, where you live, citizenship or alien status, student status, etc.

Click on proof to see examples to bring with you to the office.